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We’re about to begin what is easily the most production heavy and secretive project my gallery has ever put together. Over a year ago we started working with Sony Pictures to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters with a traveling art show, and tonight we kick it all off in New York City with an opening reception. The show features over 100 pieces of art inspired by the classic film, 4 collaborative shirts with some of my favorite clothing lines and even a 7 foot sculpture of Slimer being trapped. It’s epic, especially for a super fan like myself.

In addition to the opening reception tonight at 69 Leonard St. from 7-10 PM tonight, we also will be releasing small quantities of select prints online, and that starts now. You can purchase the directly above Mark Englert screenprint, “The Flowers Are Still Standing,” which glows in the dark, as it JUST went on sale here:


This is the first of many releases, so stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook or main home page for all the info you need moving forward.

Listen, this traveling exhibit is a big deal. As a kid, I dressed as a Ghostbuster for Halloween. My mom made a proton pack out of a shoebox and lightswitch. There’s even a 30-year-old living room music video I made my mom record of me lip synching the Ray Parker Jr. theme song. I LOVED, and LOVE, this movie. It is an honor to tribute it after 3 decades of standing the test of time. I hope you can celebrate with me at any of the stops. And New York, let’s cross the streams this week.


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I hopped off the train to take this because I’m an adult that makes rational decisions

I hopped off the train to take this because I’m an adult that makes rational decisions

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Anonymous asked: Once we were on a date and you were talking about how coffee makes you poop

this seems about right. who are you?